Maddie and Mommy move to Colorado for access to Medical Marijuana

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A North Carolina mother and her 7-year-old daughter recently moved to Colorado Springs in search of a cure for severe epilepsy—Liz Gorman says her daughter, Maddie, is in desperate need of relief.

“We had a miserable Thanksgiving and a miserable 7th birthday for Maddie because her seizures were so severe, and it was hard watching her go downhill like that,” said Liz.

The Gormans moved from North Carolina on December 19th so Maddie could legally take a form of medicinal marijuana.

Her dose is small – just three drops a day – but it’s effective.

“She’s definitely more alert and aware and just a little bit better at communicating,” said Liz.

We first introduced you to the Gormans back in November.

They’d been fighting for a chance to use a specific strain of marijuana to help reduce Maddie’s hundreds of seizures a day.

The strain known as Charlotte’s Web is said to have an insignificant amount of THC that gives people that high feeling.

Since starting medication just two weeks ago, Maddie’s daily seizures have dramatically decreased and she’s able to chew food again, something she forgot how to do just three weeks ago.

Although this is working for Maddie, doctors warn against trying untested experimental drugs.

“Right now, there is no evidence but it certainly has sparked interest and we really ought to do research on it,” said Dr. Cynthia Kuhn, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University Medical Center.

Liz and her husband, whose job has forced him to stay in North Carolina, are hoping for the same.

“We’d love to see it legalized in North Carolina so we can come home.”

Liz says she and Maddie will stay in Colorado if the medication continues to work.

If it doesn’t, they’ll move back to North Carolina and work to change the law here for other kids.

The medication costs $250 for a three month supply of the drug.


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