Charlotte’s Web: Charlotte and Zaki’s Journey

The incredible stories of two pediatric cannabis patients which will revolutionize the way that the world views the cannabis plant.

Hear from two mother’s who were both told by doctors “there’s nothing else we can do”.

On Charlotte’s ineffective pharmaceutical seizure medications she had lost her developmental abilities and lost her ability to walk, talk, eat.

After her first dose of CBD oil, Charlotte Figi went from one seizure every fifteen minutes—non-stop seizures—to seven days of no seizures.

She has a reduction in seizures of over 99%—0 to 1 seizures a week.

“Because of this high CBD medicine we have our daughter back—she has her life back.”

Charlotte’s Web: 0.5% of THC to 17% of CBD — this natural plant medication replaces ineffective psychoactive pharmaceutical prescription drugs with an effective natural non-psychoactive treatment from cannabis.

“You get angry that you couldn’t have tried this {cannabis} 500,000 seizures ago.”

Zaki has been able to come off the ineffective psychoactive pharmaceutical seizure drugs completely—at his worst he would have 200 seizures and hour, but with the daily cannabis treatment, his mother reports going 106 days since his last seizure at the time of recording the video.

Without the effect of the psychoactive pharmaceuticals keeping him in a catatonic state his mother expresses her joy at “after a decade getting to meet him for the first time”.

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