Alabama Senate Committee Approves Cannabis Oil Bill

Alabama Senate committee approved a cannabis oil bill this past week in an 8-3 vote.

Parents of children suffering from life threatening seizures pushed for the bill which would allow people to possess the oil if they have certain medical conditions.

However, while lawmakers said they are hoping to get the bill approved this session, their biggest hurdle could be political fear about approving anything marijuana-related in an election year.

Yet Republican Rep. Mike Ball of Madison, who is sponsoring the House version, is hopeful…

“The public is starting to understand what this is. The political fear is shifting from what will happen if we pass it, to might what happen if we don’t.”

Meanwhile, parents in North Carolina have received media attention but haven’t seen the same immediate responsiveness from state representatives as other nearby states, such as Florida and Georgia.

Worse yet, while politicians in other states are being moved into action by these children, last year the North Carolina House Rules Committee only allowed 20 minutes of public testimony before voting to kill H.B. 84 The Enact Medical Cannabis Act, which would have allowed patients (over 21) who suffer from a variety of ailments to receive prescriptions for medical cannabis.

According to WRAL Channel 5 in North Carolina:

The House Rules Committee has killed a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana, an effort by House leaders to stem a tide of phone calls and emails on the topic.

It is somewhat unusual to give a measure an unfavorable report. Typically, bills that won’t pass merely sit in committee unheard and untended.

We did it to be done with it, so people could move on for the session,” said Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, R-Wake. He said lawmakers were being “harassed” with phone calls and emails about medical marijuana.

Parents and patients were outraged, expecting the overwhelming response to legalizing medical marijuana to mean that “representatives” would indeed represent their constituents.

Yet, parents of North Carolina children who suffer from seizures and epilepsy remain hopeful, as they attempt to convince lawmakers to allow the import of CBD oil as treatment for their children.

Parents who cannot wait are moving their children to Colorado to begin treatment immediately, while others who cannot afford to move wait and watch as other states rapidly approve the CBD oil for use, while North and South Carolina remain unresponsive to their children’s need despite public support.

Watch Charlotte’s WBTV report “Moving for Medical Marijuana“, “Mom’s Talk More…“, and “Inside the Grow” by reporter Molly Grantham.

CBD has been shown to stop seizures and is non-psychoactive, while it’s psychoactive counterpart THC is best known for it’s treatment of cancer, pain, and chemotherapy side effects. CBD and THC are the two primary cannabinoids, or active ingredients, in cannabis and have an inverse relationship with each other. High THC means low CBD, and vice versa. Only THC creates the euphoric effect many refer to as “high”; CBD does not have recreational value.

Respond to Paul Stam

Please send a message to Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam asking him to apologize for equating calls and emails from constituents to being “harassed,” and requesting that he call for a hearing regarding medical marijuana.  Please share the information on Hope 4 NC Children with Epilepsy, and related North Carolina news reports.

Despite what Rep. Stam said, elected officials need to hear from their constituents. This is a perfect opportunity to let him know that, so please take action today.


Phone: 919-733-2962

Legislative Mailing Address:
NC House of Representatives
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 612
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

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