Flower Essences

A summary of the emotional balancing properties of a variety of flower essences.


Multi-racial prejudices are eased. Promotes harmony in group dynamics and cleanses nadis.

AGAVE YAQUIANA – Internal Viewpoint

Affects the unconscious decisions that people have made based upon past-life information and experience. Their experiences have usually led to some deep-seated conclusions that are usually incorrect about separation, loneliness, aloneness, difference between an individual and God, and unique understanding of the world. This essence when taken repeatedly can loosen up the hold some of these hidden contexts or unconscious belief patterns have had with an individual.

ALLAMANDA – Inner Strength

Can provide inner confidence and strength for people to face change in their lives. This also may give added strength for those with decreased physical energy. This also will assist those who wish to start channeling energy through their bodies for healing others.


Promotes memory. Use with amnesia and suppressed memory, especially of unpleasant events from early childhood.

ALMOND – Maturation / Rejuvenation

Helps one to mature mentally. Helps to bring unresolved issues into the conscious mind so they can be resolved. Primarily rejuvenates the body. A universal tonic.

ALOE ERU – Ethereal Cleansing

Can be especially helpful in closing aetheric holes that are not so much of a physical origin due to an individuals own experiences but also due to those of other entities. After severing an association with a negative entity, this can be soothing.

ALOE VERA – Personal Survival

Stimulates the nervous system and circulatory flow. Particularly healing for various skin conditions. Blockages or holes in the aura are treated. Useful in reflexology. Increases sensitivity to others.

ALYOGYNE HUEGELLI – Cosmic Assimilation

Has ability to increase the capacity of the crown chakra to assimilate and work with information, and for people to more easily access the “cosmic computer”. Can increase the kundalini energy and the understanding of its nature as it moves through the spine.

AMARANTHUS – Immune System / Chemical Imbalances

Calms disruptive dream state. Psycho, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are aligned generating clear thinking. Good to take in preparation for vaccinations. Treats mental disorders caused from chemical imbalances. Stimulates visions and messages from the higher self.


Activates crown chakra but only during meditation. Only use during meditation or with affirmations for positive thinking. Never use with hallucinogens — too powerful.

AMARYLLIS BELLADONNA – Crown Chakra Meditation

Activates crown chakra, but only during meditation. Use with affirmations for positive thinking.


Flowing of energy, earth feeling, earth connection, blockages


Sensibility, vulnerability, need of protection, angel communication.


Stimulates vision, clarity in visions, and clarity in confused mental states. Affects the soul body and puts people in touch with angels. Eases nightmares by strengthening the astral body. Eases tension, especially from to much studying. It temporarily increases the IQ so it is good to use in cramming for exams. It brings clarity to spiritual beliefs-resolves confusion over organized religious beliefs or mystical traditions. It develops a proper mental state when leaving the physical body.

ANGEL’S TRUMPET – Stimulates Visions / Clears Confusion

Clarity in visions, clarity in confused mental states. Puts people in touch with angels. Good to use when cramming for exams.

ANGELICA – Urban Stress

It is good to take this when moving into an urban environment. Actualizes clearer insight into the cause and nature of problems. This is wise to use in hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation and other therapies. Also good for dancers.


For poor self-esteem or self acceptance, especially regarding one’s sexuality. Stimulates dream state and astral projection. Brings attunement to spiritual body and opens crown and heart chakra. Brings to the consciousness those things immediately necessary to grow spiritually.

APRICOT – Gaiety and Lightness

Promotes gaiety and lightness. Mental agitation is kept from moving into the etheric body. Extreme behavioral patterns may be modified.


Eliminates hidden fears and negative thoughts, especially when picked up from the lower astral planes.


For people who need to develop a caring nature, for callous people of the person who cares but cannot express that to others. There may be low self-esteem, and the person may act standoffish.


Calming effect but is more a temporary relaxant than a long term treatment. It represses, rather than releases, anxiety, depression, and fear. It eases insomnia but does not get to the root problems, so often with other preparations. Emotional and etheric bodies are aligned.


Opens sushumna or central canal of the etheric spinal column through which the kundalini flows. Alleviates stress and opens meridians. Signature; it is a tall, thin reed.

BANANA – Male Sexuality

Balances the emotional and mental bodies. Maintains proper balance between left and right brain. Works toward resolving issues of male sexuality.


For balance in male sexuality and enhancing yang energy. It eases spiritual impotency and opens lower chakra’s.


The properties are the similar to Banksia Baxtena.


Balances male psychological problems concerning sexuality. Opens second chakra, stimulating creativity and masculine qualities such as assertiveness. Etheric, mental and emotional bodies aligned to create the masculine identity. Balances yin and yang qualities in both sexes. Signature: flower looks like male genital.


Sacred tree in India. Deepens visualization during meditation. For balance in androgynous issues, self confidence, learning problems and autism.


Stimulates base chakra and past life memories. It can alleviate deeply aggravated past life issues. Use in past life therapy. Strong cleanser and balancer for the meridians. Eases sharp moodiness such as hypoglycemia. Use of anger, aggression, and instability. It is very grounding.


Gets you to the heart of the matter in emotional conditions. It facilitates negotiations. Good for couples constantly bickering. For anxiety, depression, hysteria, indecision, insomnia, and mental fatigue.


For withdrawn people, person who may refuse to rationally listen to another’s point of view, people who are argumentative.


Eases stress and stimulates balance in city environment.


Excellent for chiropractors. Kundalini is activated. Good for people with father image problems, or who cannot study or focus on their career.


Allows for a clearer expression of one’s problems. Good for primal scream type therapies. For lectures, introverts and a poor sense of humor.

BEECH – Greater Acceptance

Generates a greater acceptance of others. Makes one more outgoing or social. Expanded vision of the world. Enhances humility.


Powerful opening of crown, heart, and eighth chakra just above the crown. For soul projection and easing karma by increasing understanding.


Essences should be taken separately. It eases interpersonal relations, especially between men and between women. Develops ability to have genuine caring such as relationships that do not necessarily deal with sexuality. Birch is for heterosexuals as well as for homosexual individuals. It stimulates dialogue. If two or more men are improving their communication each takes only the male flower essence. If women are interacting, they only take the female essence. If men and women are improvising their dialogue, then men take the female and women in the male essence.


Understanding of flight, movement, and territoriality. Realization of community and interconnectedness among people. Useful in management relations. Sense of humor is created around relationships and freedom.


It is very grounding, relieves disorientation, brings emotional resiliency and activates base chakra. It is a general strengthener.


It releases grief, mourning and despondency.


For low self-esteem and stress. It has a calming effect, especially during meditation or shock. It generates a sunny disposition, self-sufficiency, emotional stability and strengthens the meridians.

BLAZING STAR (Mentzelia Laevicaulis) – Heart Energy

Can awaken heart expressive energies, particularly useful in utilizing love energy for healing. This may be felt as a build up of energy in the heart, then pouring out through the hands and fingertips, typically the middle finger of each hand. May combine nicely with Helios, Sirius, and Gold elixirs for a multidimensional bridge through the heart to God.


This is a remedy which stimulates the heart chakra Harmonizes affairs of the heart and attachments to individuals. A sense of peace is experienced.


Use is emotional problems cause infertility or impotency.

BLUE WITCH (Solanum Umbelliferum) – Awakens Chakra’s

Has ability to create energy shifts in the 4, 5, 6, 7,8 and 9th chakra’s. This can be imagined as if beginning with the heart and extending upwards before returning. Can combine well with the Gold elixir. May provide deeper understanding about the higher dimensions.


This is the tree under which Buddha meditated to attain enlightenment. It stimulates the process that leads to enlightenment, but does not actually bring enlightenment. It also removes blockages in the chakra’s. and stimulates the kundalini. Use in some psychotic disorders.


Increases happiness and courage. Opens heart chakra, easing tension in the emotional body.

BOUGAINVILLEA – Grace And Beauty

Will provide a deeper appreciation of grace and beauty. This can be particularly helpful for music, sound in any form, including sound healing. Has an ability to release certain emotions that are held in a state of difficulty in the emotional body. These can be from childhood or past lives and usually is noted by sadness.


Develops a healthy ego by its spiritualizing effects. For the somewhat egotistical person with a “heart of gold”. Develops self-esteem and more confidence in decision making. Eases vacillation, especially in one’s faith. Brings more balance in new age communities.


Powerful tool in any kind of counseling, but particularly for couples especially when trying to have children when there is stress. It releases tension related specifically to sexual dysfunction, especially when pregnancy is desired. For psychological balance use during preconception, conception, and up to the first six months of birth. It also opens the sexual chakra stimulating joy and creativity.


For stage fright and hidden fears. Good for anyone with trouble speaking before the public. There may be fear of people. Heart chakra is opened and mental body strengthened to better assimilate details.


Stimulates intellect to better deal with city pressure. Opens the heart, allowing people to adjust to urban living on the heart level.


Stimulates mental clarity, memory, and higher mental consciousness. Helpful to use just before and after a consciousness seminar. There may be an inability to retain information or to assimilate experiences because of not being focused in the present, i.e., the “guru hopper” or the philosophy student studying for an exam. The mental body is strengthened.


Stimulates general sensitivity and psychic abilities. Promotes increased mental clarity and reduces stress. It amplifies homeopathic remedies including combinations.

CALENDULA – Inner Light

Helps to bring an individual into greater alignment with the entire issue of protection and awareness of the Light within. Assists in the release of fear.

CALIFORNIA BAY LAUREL – Flexibility/Wisdom

Opens the mind and gives a feeling of flexibility to both mind and nervous system. Helps one overcome rigid mind sets, ideas and body armor to bring wisdom. Soothes and relieves.

CALIFORNIA BUCKEYE (Aesculus Californicus) – Purpose

Strengthens ability to understand and work with vision and its proper place in one’s life. May provide an attunement to one’s purpose as well as ecosystems, agriculture and nature spirits. Increased abilities through the third eye with an alignment of 6 & 9 chakra’s.

CALIFORNIA POPPY – Psychic / Spiritual Balance

A sense of inner balance is maintained during psychic awakening. Past life information can be released and integrated.

CALLA LILY – Forgiveness

Allows a greater and deeper expression of love to find new forms in a person, thus finding entirely new ways to share oneself with others. Useful in couples therapy.


It stimulates astral projection to the higher realms. This is not quite soul projection. It removes negative thoughts and strengthens will power and meditation. It is from West Australia. Can assist individuals who seek to understand boundaries, where they begin and end, where there their relationship to someone begins and ends, but more importantly, where and how their small component relates to the larger whole of humanity. A way to confront the sadness sometimes felt in one’s spiritual journey in connecting with existence itself and the separation that can be felt between an individual and their soul family, humanity and God. May combine nicely with El Nath.

CAPE HONEYSUCKLE (Tecomaria Capensis) – Energy Liberation

Can bring coordination between the physical body and the 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 chakra’s. May intensify psychic abilities and shift in the emotional body. A balancing of energies of grief, loneliness, or other difficult emotional states.


There may be lack of grounding and inability to focus on the present, especially in spiritual or mental issues. It increases emotional objectivity, the ability to meditate, and learning capacities.

CAROB -Empathy / Group Interaction

Group communication and interaction is enhanced. Assists groups in aligning into a single, clear focus. Very useful for healers and their clients.


For psychological disorders associated with left-right brain problems such as autism and learning problems. Emotional body is balanced.


Extremely potent essence to balance the yin-tang qualities or male-female attributes within people. Use for personality balance, not in tantra. Look for people imbalanced in their sexual identity. One may be too aggressive or too unassertive. Use with the general populace. It balances the more masculine mental body and the more female emotional body with the more neutral etheric body. It is extremely potent with acupuncture.


Good in a close knit and large group of people like the military, business, academic or religious community where someone leaves that unit. It is for the entire group, not just the person leaving. Emotional balance, especially from depression, is restored.

CATERPILLAR PLANT (Phacelia Mutabilis) – Past Life Abilities

Greater encouragement to access and receive many gifts of a spiritual nature when an individual is not yet fully aware of them. Can be useful when many aspects of psychic abilities start to appear so it is easier to assimilate and integrate them.


It is an excellent confidence booster for athletes and city dwellers not used to going into nature. It releases stress and irrational fears. It releases energy in the hara.


It activates the consciousness stored in the two base chakras.

CEDAR – Cleansing / Stress

Cleanses the etheric body. Eases stress. Promotes a peaceful and accepting nature.

CELANDINE – Communication / Clarification

The ability to transfer information is enhanced. Especially useful for singers and lectures. Helps clarify information from one’s spirit guides.


Wisdom, maturity, patience. Will bring the emotional, mental, and soul bodies to higher states of consciousness.

CERATO – Self-Reliance

Teaches people greater self-reliance and self-confidence. Increase inner strength.


Increases emotional stability, creating a sense of harmony and organization. Useful in hypnosis. Higher wisdom.

CHAPARRAL – Visualization

Astral projection is benefited. Activates causal and astral bodies. Past-life recall, creative visualization, and (with the aid of meditation) conscious astral travel.


It stimulates vitality, cheerfulness, and a brighter outlook on life.


It activates the brow and crown chakras and poa(see Tibetan meditation literature). Good for the newborn. There may be confusion as to spiritual identity or disorientation. Ability to astral and soul project and desire to meditate are stimulated. Use to cleanse quartz crystals.

CHERVIL – Spiritual Identity

Activates brow and crown chakras. Good for the newborn. Use to cleanse quartz crystals.


For people needing discipline, especially for emotional balance.

CHIN CACTUS (Gymnocalycium Pflanzii Albipulpa) – Spiritual Loneliness

There can be a powerful strengthening of the seventh chakra. There is also an easier flow of energy possible between the 1st and 7th chakras. Can greatly ease a sense of spiritual loneliness, that state of being that suggests that innate unity is not possible in this reality for the human family. Can help to fortify some innate energies of projecting health. Useful for people with a common goal who have difficulty working together.

CHOKE CHERRY – Illumination

Brings illumination to unclarity in one’s self and one’s relationships. Very universal. Sheds light when one needs to see the problem, chase away the darkness, end confusion and clarify motivations.


Creates an objective state so people can be more emotional or mental as the situation requires. Brings calm to all emotional states. Mental and emotional bodies are aligned. For irritated or depressed people.


It greatly balances the heart chakra allowing for a clearer expression of one’s feelings. One speaks directly from the heart. It is for singers, performers, melancholia, and introverts. The mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are affected. Cinnamon is a major essential oil.

CINQUEFOIL (Potentilla Gracilis) – Genetic Consciousness

A deeper attunement to one’s immediate biological family. Sometimes this can relate to their genes and genetic capacities. May assist those who are learning about one’s ancestors. Can be used to enhance the possibility of gifting one’s potential children with the more positive aspects from one’s own genetic structures.

CLARKIA (C. Purpurea) – Forgiveness

Some affiliation with the “Christ-like” energies of forgiveness are noted. These are especially noted with physical-related forgiveness even so far as forgiveness for the influence to our genetic structures. This is different than a higher spiritual type of forgiveness. A greater awareness of genetic structures and abilities to work with them can result.

CLEMATIS – Enthusiasm / Stability

Brings out enthusiasm which is grounded in reality. Memory and emotional stability increase. Mental tensions are eased. promotes practically.


It eases stress, hypertension, anxiety, headaches, and mental weakness. For psychological stress of pain. May be poor memory. A major oil-aromatic.


It is for male sexuality, less often for women. May be hidden fears and emotional imbalances, especially concerning male sexuality.

COFFEE – Decisiveness

Expands the activity of the left brain. Helps overly analytical people make quick decisions. Makes one more receptive to vibrational remedies.


For overcoming old thoughtforms and old psychological scars, including from past lives. Regenerates relationships. Releases tensions locked in subconscious.


Excellent in feminist therapies. Releases hidden spiritual qualities in women. Feminine qualities activated in each sex. Emotional, etheric, mental, and spiritual bodies are aligned, sexual chakra is opened, and meridians are stimulated.


Powerful stimulant for clearer and full colored dreams. Creates clarity in, but does not stimulate, astral projection. Stimulates brow chakra. There may be insomnia or tension during dreams such as nightmares. Signature; multicolored leaves.


Opens crown and the first two chakras just above. Stabilizes emotional and mental patterns so one can understand divine purpose. For inspired people who need more balance.

COMFREY – Telepathy / Yoga

Enhances telepathy abilities and other seldom used parts of the brain. It is also useful for athletes and yoga practitioners. Students cramming for exams may benefits as well.

CORALROOT – SPOTTED (Corallorhiza Maculata) – Disease Attunement

There may be a reduction of the influence of antibiotics in a person, this influence may continue for a long period of time after ceasing antibiotic intake. At a higher spiritual level, it brings greater awareness of the need for disease on Earth, the way in which people need to recognize and understand the lesson quickly of a disease on subtler levels, so that the particular disease is no longer necessary to manifest physically.


Transforms baser personality traits into a more conscious state. For instance, hatred is transformed into perhaps passion or arguing into analysis. It rejuvenates the individual. For poor memory and stress.

CORN (SWEET) – Urban Dwellers

Helps to establish a spiritual relationship with the Earth. Helps people living in cramped quarters. Daydreamers, overly nervous individuals, or people involved in long-range planning will benefit.

COTTON – Spiritual Inquiry

Helps one understand the spiritual essence of inner spiritual paths. Allows more life force to permeate through the hair. Transforms philosophy into spiritual sensitivity.

CRAB APPLE – Mental Cleansing

Makes it easier to break bad habits. Creates joy and a positive outlook.


Can produce tendrils of light and energy from the seventh chakra. This can temporarily cause a blending or bridging of new energies in many different forms and directions. From this chakra it is then possible to make a bridge from the seventh to the heart to the root chakra. This will usually present an clear internal healing energy to the physical body and step up vibrational transference from other subtler levels into the physical. This can be a joyful process for some.


Stimulates brow chakra; for obsessions especially that lead to stressful conditions such as migraine headaches. It is from Madagascar.


It stimulates channeling and a better understanding and synthesis of conscious information studied. Brow chakra is opened.


Activates emotional resiliency and stamina, especially when needed during extreme emotional stress that could even lead to schizophrenia. Use with extremely stressful jobs. It integrates the emotions for overly logical people. It stimulates faith and confidence leading to optimism.

DANDELION – Relaxation

Emotional calm. Creates a tremendous relaxation throughout the mental and emotional bodies. May stimulate desire for meditation.

DATE PALM – Ageless Wisdom

Rejuvenation. Helps to distribute life force throughout the body. Useful for hypochondriacs or anyone fearful of aging. Good for animals in stressful situations.


Enhances visionary states and strengthens one’s own awareness of the other dimensions. Can best be used in the evening at the time of the new moon. Combines well with Krypton.


Can allow individuals to access greater light. Especially helpful for the physical body. People who are using light therapy, such as the Biotron, will benefit from Dayflower. There can be an increased awareness of the communication between the sun and earth. People who are seeking a reduction in food intake and a deeper attunement to light will benefit.

DEER’S TONGUE (Frasera Speciosa) – Thought Projection

Awakens psychic gifts of an expressive nature in most individuals. These are gifts, working with the sixth chakra, that can project mind-energy for various applications. Combines well with green rose for a balanced method for utilizing these abilities. The accelerated and enhanced ability to project energies of love from a group to many of the beings assisting Earth at this time.

DESERT BARREL CACTUS – Releasing Boundaries

(Ferocactus Pottsii Alamosanus)

DOGWOOD – New Abilities

It helps release certain long-buried psychic gifts within people. Assists in ability to draw information directly from stellar bodies and beings of interdimensional consciousness.

DRAGON FLOWER CACTUS (Huernia Macrocarpo) – Spiritualized Movement

This can assist people in their capacity to apply spiritual principles into the physical realm. This can be especially helpful in movement and exercise. How to properly balance the physical aspect of one’s body. May assist those working with brain gym technologies and any form of movement.

DUTCHMAN’S BREECHES – Etheric Cleansing

Can significantly increase the release of certain emotional residues easily into one’s aura. This can then be cleared well by movement, water, or air. There can be a stimulation of the eighth chakra. Clears away residue from negative environments.


Opens crown chakra, develops sense of divine purpose, and stimulates soul travel or projection–more evolved than astral projection.

EASTER LILY CACTUS (Echinopsis Multiplex) – Expressive Movement

A deeper attunement to chaos and the balance of perfect symmetry is noted. Improved communication by the medium of gesture or movement. Better understanding of chaos theory and fractal geometries may assist in coordination of dance or group movement.


It activates and puts you in touch with your original instinctive or intuitive responses. For instance, when you get goose bumps during a scary situation that is primal instinctual response. When initially taken a sense of alertness manifests and temporary jitteriness could develop as sensitivity increases. Use with other therapies to balance one’s sexuality.


Eases extreme stress, hypochondria, and mood fluctuations such as hypoglycemia. It eases cravings such as those experienced when pregnant.

ELEPHANT’S HEAD (Pedicularis Groenlandica) – Wisdom

A vibrational link to the energies of the angelic kingdom that are deeply associated with humanity’s own development. Deeper attunement and awareness of angelic helpers or guides. A strengthened ability to perceive and work with Earth energy.

ELM (ENGLISH) – Strength and Confidence

Responsible, capable people who feel temporarily inadequate to their responsibilities will benefit. Helps in strengthening, upliftment and sense of ableness. Increase confidence.

EUCALYPTUS – Breath / Grief

Alleviates extreme emotional states. It becomes easier to breath in the life force that helps shape the body, mind, and spirit. Eases grief, hostilities, and difficulties in partnerships.

EVERLASTING (Antennaria Rosea) – Positive Energy

Helps to moderate consciousness shift for people when the shift contains repressed memories from childhood or past lives. Increases self esteem and self recognition of spiritual progress achieved.


Excellent for psychic healer or practitioner to better perceive condition of client. One learns to see and feel the aura and chakras. Brow and crown chakras are opened. Telepathy develops.


For people who are are indecisive, depressed, and subject to grief. It helps people who are indecisive, depressed, and subject to grief. It helps people work in tight groups. The memory improves.

FIG – Mental Clarity

Improves confidence, memory, telepathy, and expressive abilities. Resolves conflict and eases hidden fears. mental energies stimulates conception of ideas. Use with biofeedback.


For agitation, anxiety, a nasty disposition, and general fear when someone is jumpy.


Key essence to transmute karma, remove anger. Excellent for Vietnam Vets. For psychic problems. Signature; grows profusely in burnt areas.

FLAME OF THE FOREST – Catalytic Breakthrough

Attunes individuals to the capacity for rapid growth and at the same time the ability to balance spiritual teachings that are difficult to assimilate.


This can improve one’s ability to project images of oneself. This is to project ideas telepathically for sharing ideas, information, etc. It will assist someone in communicating how they see themselves, how they know themselves, and what they trust in themselves to other people. Can also help in receiving a clear projection of God essence, through prayer.


Aids in assimilation of information and memory improvements. Reading skills improve partly from easing related anxieties. Powerful cleanser for meridians so good with acupuncture and acupressure. Emotional stress eased.


Increases memory capacity, clarity of thought, and the release of negative thought patterns. Stimulates the dream state. Restores emotional balance.


It gives fortitude and stamina for people with long-range and worthwhile goals and career plans. Take when going on long journeys. It grounds the spiritual forces into the heart chakra.


Good for poor memory possibly due to emotional stress. For introverts and nervous people. The throat chakra is activated.


Cosmic love, Earth connection, to become a horn of plenty


It clears up any psychological imbalances from early childhood. The heart chakra is opened.

GARDENIA – Compassion

Emotional shift due to accepting one’s consciousness in a new way. Greater attunement to knowledge received in the recent past. Creates sense of peace, caring, and compassion.

GENTIAN (Gentiana Simplex) – Future Expression

Can improve people’s ability to communicate on many levels. Improvement of speaking abilities and ability to share deeper insights and connection with others. Can improve connection and attunement to extraterrestrial beings of a positive and loving intent.

GILIA – SCARLET (Ipomopis Aggregata) – Harmony

Helps to allow bridges between the bird and plant kingdoms. It gives a deep strength to people in their seeking of understanding about how they populate the Earth and share it with each other. It can enhance the possibilities of the spiritual aspects of sexuality. May assist skin complaints of mysterious/unknown origins. A greater ability to make connection and be one with another kingdom (to fly in the body of an eagle, to live in the body of a plant, to swim in the body of a fish).


For sterile consciousness or sterility in creativity. Good for an artist needing inspiration and new ideas. The meridians are balanced.


Profound master healer. Stimulates mental clarity, and increases IQ. Self-esteem improves, stress eases, and spiritual awareness develops. For psychosis especially when related to sexual anxiety. Psychic abilities open.


There is a general increase in sensitivity, in the ability to assimilate information, and in awareness. All the meridians are opened. Good for people involved in self-actualization.


It opens the conscious mind to broad spiritual inspiration. Brings emotional balance to the overly philosophical and to the overly dogmatic spiritual person holding rigid religious beliefs. It attunes city dwellers to the environment. It helps people who cling to their beliefs to let go by pulling them in touch with their intuition and higher self.


It removes scars from old emotional traumas, possibly from past lives. For when the emotional pattern is mostly healed, but a few issues still remain, i.e., a woman who raped may have resolved most, but not all, of the resulting tension. It also eases nervous behavioral patterns.


More for women. It eases depression associated with infertility or hysterectomy. Good for relieving psychological stress during menopause. A sound feminist philosophy develops, which may also be good for men. For sense of guilt and incompleteness with the inability to have children or to nurture. There may be low self-esteem.


Stimulates memory, including higher memory, for past life recall. It is a powerful overall tonic.

GRAPEFRUIT – Mental Stress

Causes a regenerative effect which manifests in clearer thoughts and the release of tensions stored in the mental body.


It increased intuition, inspirational writing, astral projection, and the dream state. Aids in schizophrenia, and balances the astral body.


A balance and polarity develops with the crown, base, and heart chakras, which increase meditation and visualization. Western Australia.

HEATHER – Self-Confidence

Opens one to a broader perspective. Removes constant worry over problems. Stimulates compassion and altruism.

HELICONIA – Inspiration

Creates energy spirals which may influence the left and right balance of the subtle bodies. Helps in gathering ideas, putting them into form, and accepting the results.


An aid in all stages of ego death involved in real growth, often of a spiritual nature-frequently a Scorpio process. It reseeds the personality. It adjusts terminal patients to the transition. There may be euphoria.


For women to free any blockages in sexual energy. May be frigidity. Heart and sexual chakras are activated.

HOLLYHOCK – Joyful States

Increases one’s ability to understand the essential joyfulness of 4-Dimensional energies, thus opening a doorway to powerful energies of love and Spirit.

HOLY THORN – Christ Energy

There is an opening of the crown chakra, with a greater willingness to work with a Christ-energy connection. It will allow a deeper attunement to any particular spiritual avenue one wishes to attune to. It is best to have a specific in mind when you take Holy Thorn. When you have deep consciousness upon a particular deity, or a planet or a star, or most importantly with the Sun, or with some aspect of Christ consciousness, and you then take Holy Thorn, a fusion of energy will make a bond with the essential energy behind the spiritual idea or ideal. This will then link you with that energy or information. It may be best to use this by itself with the above attunements in mind.


For elimination of stress, hysteria, and anxiety.

HOODED LADIES TRESSES (Spiranthes Romanzoffiana) – Divine Relationship

To be utilized after peak experiences, catalytic change, or catharsis in order to maintain these higher states, so they can continue in a more constant flow although not in quite an intense fashion. There is also a slight strengthening of psychic gifts.

HOPS – Spiritual Growth

Improves group interaction. Activates the etheric body. Stimulates the pituitary gland. Activates spiritual and physical growth.


For slight trauma or shock. It is a mild tonic for the meridians.


This wakes people up out of their doldrums. There may be boredom, lethargy, depression, or hysteria. Alertness and clarity of thought develop. Use in shock: creates mental clarity. Signature: very pungent roots.

HYDRANGEA (GREEN) – Chakra Balancing

It works in many ways to combine energies of the chakras, to allow them to intermingle and transmit energies through their various components in very useful ways. It is able to awaken higher psychic function to consciously visualize and awaken the different chakras.


May be emotional immaturity, verbosity, and lightheartedness to a point of being obnoxious. One does not receive enough attention so depression may develop. It enhances the ability to see the aura. Most of the chakras and nadis are strengthened.

INDIAN PIPE – Great Central Channel

A balancing of the flow of energy between the chakras is created, thus enhancing movement, dance, or alleviating where the back is stressed or stretched. When establishing a clear contact to a higher vibrational being in the channeling process, Indian Pipe essence is of benefit.


Excellent emotional balancer for young women, especially teenagers. It is also for older women who have experienced emotional trauma.


It activates the heart chakra. There may be anxiety, stubbornness, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, and problems in leadership and in making decisions. Use when a child has had incest with their father. A proper logical attitude develops here.

JASMINE – Permanent Atom

May improve the sense of smell. Useful in aromatherapy. It is good for massage practitioners. Assists with poor self-esteem. Stimulates a sense of practicality.


Spacy people have more clarity because it stimulates the intellect. It removes anger, opens spleen chakra, and stabilizes moods.


It stimulates dreams, meditation, alignment to one’s inner guides and teachers, and to the inner divine sound. If you constantly chant a mantra, it ultimately goes on continuously inside you. It aids this process.


Top essence for all forms of massage practitioners. Important addition to any essential oils for amplification.


Extremely potent for suicide prevention and has already been used for this. Gets one beyond grief, remorse, and depression. It is the tree on which Judas hanged himself.

JUNGLE FLAME FLOWER – Psychic Integration

This can influence integration of clairvoyance particularly relating to the shift between the third and fourth dimension. This can increase one’s ability to accept and work with many psychic abilities. There also can be a strengthening of sexual attunement between people who are close to each other. At the highest level, there can be a greater sense of God-energy with the root chakra.


Opens kidney chakra. It removes hidden fears, paranoia, anger, and intense mental states.

KINNICK-KINNICK – Ending Relationships

Allows people to create networks in a conscious fashion and break these connections when they are no longer necessary. Assists people to move in a freer and easier fashion.


Eases fear, great stress, lack of loving nature, and moodiness.


The etheric, mental and spiritual body thus making it easier to make decisions. The left brain is stimulated so that mathematical computer and language skills are activated. Excellent for use with color therapy.

LANTANA – Sensitivity

May enhance one’s physical sensitivity, particularly in the fingers and toes. There is a greater sensitivity to aetheric energy in these areas. This can be useful to artists, designers, engineers and others who do manual precision work. There is also a greater attunement to energy interactions that take place on a very small level. This flower will assist interrelationship and communication with children, particularly those that are outside one’s family. Can be useful to take for those programming quartz crystals.


One becomes humorous, cooperative, caring, playful, friendly, mellow, courteous, and courageous. A universal balancer that creates a healthy mental attitude. Leadership skills develop, as do telepathy and nurturing.

LAVENDER – Alertness

Activates the crown chakra, integrating aspects of the higher Self into the personality. Stimulates visionary states. May help to remove karmic blockages that slow spiritual progress.

LEMMONS PAINTBRUSH (Castilleja Lemmonii) – Societal Interaction

May bring a deeper level of connection to higher self energies. This can be especially useful in creating a deeper understanding of one’s interaction with society or communities.

LEMON – Mental Activity

Provides a strong impact on the mental body thus making it easier to make decisions. The left brain is stimulated so that mathematical computer and language skills are activated. Excellent for use with color therapy.

LEOPARD LILY (Lilium Parvum) – Light Workers

Can give individuals greater strength in their ability to improve self image, to express themselves clearly to allow their inner nature to come forth. Can be especially useful for public speakers. Can be quite helpful for writers who have an alternate viewpoint or differing ideas from the mainstream.


An excellent tranquilizer. Use in insomnia and hyperactivity.


For narcolepsy, self-centeredness, and fear of dying. It eases the physical transition and opens the psychic centers.


For feet chakras: increases understanding and flow of life force. It is grounding. For astral projection, eases agoraphobia, and hallucinations.


Purges difficulties in manifesting one’s spiritual functional philosophy. It attunes one to their higher self, spiritualization the conscious mind. Similar to indigo. Brow and crown chakras are opened.

LION’S TAIL – Courage

Develops self-esteem, understanding of oneself in relationship to others, and an ability to see oneself clearly without expectations.


Stimulates third eye, crown chakra, astral projection, and dream states. Clears out negativity thoughtforms.

LIVE FOREVER – Higher Guidance

This essence coordinates spirit guides and teaches into a single unit. Thus information can be received in a more organized fashion. This can be used for assistance if trance and/or conscious channeling.


For psychic development and ability to better perceive details.

LOBIVIA CACTUS (L. Aracnacanthus) – Divine Intimacy

Attunement of the heart to the awareness of the Christ principles manifest in relationship to Earth. May result in a feeling of deeper groundedness and awareness with another person with an enhanced ability to interchange energy. There may even by memory across time of the energies of your sexual partner.

LOTUS – Emotional-Spiritual Harmony

Master healer. Stimulates creative visualization and psychic abilities, releases past life data stored in generic code. Balances all chakras. Acts as a booster to other remedies in combination with other flower essences.

LUFFA – Cleansing/Claustrophobia

Rejuvenates and cleanses the bodies. Strengthens the etheric body. Claustrophobic or hyperactive people may benefit.


Alleviates mild tensions between couples, such as inhibitions over sexuality. It bonds friendships. It helps one overcome feeling small against massive consequences. Signature: small flowers on a large tree. Use for fear of heights, and it is a mild tonic for balancing the emotions.


It stimulates consciousness, specially in Westerners. Its properties are similar to lotus. (Ann Ree Colton said lotus and magnolia originally came from the same seed atom — Watch Your Dreams, pg. 199.) It stimulates the brow and crown chakras.


Opens base chakra. It is grounding, releases negative thoughts, and helps overcome psychospiritual disorientation. It is good for healers.


For ego death and spiritual rebirth; Scorpio cycle. New personality may develop. The rebirth may be very intense with sadness and defensiveness.

MANGO – Energizers/Acupuncture

Stimulates telepathy. Activates and aligns the heart, pituitary, and throat chakras. Meridians are cleansed. useful for acupuncturists. One of the most powerful essences for spiritual growth and alignment.

MAPLE (SUGAR) – Yin/Yang-Male/Female

Balances male and female energy. Empathy between healer and client improves. Aids acupuncturists. Pulse analysis ability improves.


It opens heart and third chakras. It promotes group dynamics and aids in overcoming group karma. From West Australia.


Reduces stress and fear of being in open spaces. General healing.


It increases sensitivity, opens the heart and third chakras, and balances the mental body. For sadness and insecurity; goof for adolescents.


For very emotional people especially with grief and hysteria. These people often need to examine things in an analytical process.

MILKMAIDS – Self-Esteem

Sweetness, love, and acceptance of self. Removes criticalness of self and others. Helps to understand and appreciate the goodness and positive qualities. Helps to let go of judgment and move back to spiritual love.


Extracts one from emotionally complex situations and creates mental clarity, objectivity, and spiritual consciousness. There may be grief, despair, despondency, and fear of death.


Has properties similar to barley, except for past life stress.

MOCK ORANGE (Philadelphus Lewisii) – Stress Reduction

Increased ability for individuals to coordinate in deep states of relaxation and meditation. This can be useful for the formation of new ideas. For the creation of new ideas from the dream state it combines well with krypton and flint, if too intense then lotus and flint are recommended.

MONKEYFLOWER-BUSH (Mimulus Aurantiacus) – Emotional Cleansing

Assists with emotional cleansing particularly helpful when issues of denial are noted and for assistance with addictive states. May enhance one’s ability to absorb light directly, providing a deeper nurturing of the 2nd and 3rd chakras.


It integrates aspects of the lower self with the higher self. Use with obsession and extreme emotional imbalances, including schizophrenia. Person may need a period of retreat to resolve emotional problems. This is a major balancer for the emotional, mental, and causal bodies.

MONVELLEA CACTUS (M. Spegazzini) – Collective Consciousness

Some deep attunement and understanding to the symbolism of the breast and genitals. As a night blooming variety there is attunement to moonlight and the unconscious.

MORNING GLORY – Nervousness

It assists one in getting up in the morning and maintaining stamina and vitality throughout the day. Strengthens the mental body. Nervous habits can be eliminated.

MOUNTAIN MISERY (Chamaebatia Foliolosa) – Completion

An increased ability to stick with a task. An ability to modify old ways so that new energies can be brought in. Can assist in discovering added inspiration and deeper understanding about a project.

MOUNTAIN PRIDE (Penstemon Newberryi) – Root Chakra

Awareness of root chakra energy with an understanding of the emotional connection with sexuality. This may cause a greater acceptance for individuals of their own sexuality and sexual feelings. One’s connection to Earth energy may be felt more clearly in the physical body.


It alleviates grief and mourning and may restimulate a sense of purpose in life.


For stubbornness, inflexibility, and nervous behavior. It opens the crown and base chakras. Mushroom are a valuable future healing system.

MYRTLEWOOD TREE (Umbellularia Californica) – Remote Healing

Can be utilized projecting healing capacities across long distances, even across stellar distances or into the Earth. Can be useful in transferring information about healing work.

NECTARINE – Psychospiritual Balance

Creates psychological and spiritual; balance on all levels. Eases adjustment into New Age consciousness. Alleviates all types of emotional extremes.

NEOPORTERIA CACTUS (N. Paucicostata) – Motivation

Can assist in making deeper contact of the incoming ray energy with the soul and the physical Earth. so it is not just that one’s higher potential is strengthened or that the souls energy coming into existence is clarified and focused for an individual’s understanding, but how to put all of this into action, even affecting the physical body. Can reduce some procrastination to get people into gear when they see where they wish to go. May create a deeper and stronger connection and awareness to one’s soul group.


A blending of love energies and an awareness of the consequences of eating meat. Assists one in the transition from eating meat to eating lighter, perhaps even to vegetarian and then diets. It can give an understanding in the heart, a sense of love and compassion for the animals that they may be consuming. This assists in making such transition out of love and the willingness to assist the beasts of the world.


Major essence-attunement to higher self to draw on wisdom from past lives and one future life. People like Edison naturally had this ability. Excellent for young people unsure of their career goals and for multi-personality disorders, which develop when the astral body is not coordinating past lives properly. It is valuable in any fracturing of the personality or indecisiveness. Use with meditation and past life therapy.

OAK (ENGLISH) – Perseverance

Helps one to be dependable and not give up when facing obstacles. Allays despair or despondency. Develops perseverance.

OHI’A LEHUA – Stillness

Can assist one in the attunement to the Earth and especially to the thought forms of plants and animals. It will stimulate the ability of remote viewing which is essential for deep contact with many animals. This elixir will stimulate the inner animal nature in people at the highest reality. Can be useful for animals shifting to a more vegetarian diet.


For stress, meditation, integrates group dynamics, and is very grounding.


For people unable to confront their emotional problems. These problems causing emotional extremes are buried within the self. Causal and spiritual bodies are opened to spiritualize the emotions to understand past life karmic patterns affecting current situations. Could be deep withdrawl.

ONION – Emotional Cleansing

Strips away barriers that exist between people. Excellent for use in therapy. Can help purge old, emotional debris.

ORANGE – Psychological Counseling

Releases buried emotional tensions stored in the subconscious and eases obsessive states. Calms highly charged emotionalism and stimulates dreams, offering clues to fear of unknown origins.

ORANGE FLAME FLOWER CACTUS (Notocactus Horstii) – Understanding Anger

Has some useful abilities in assisting people to understand their anger, to release it, to see it as improving relationships by creating greater enthusiasm within them. May allow people to understand their deliberate attempt to be alone, to be separate, to understand this in ways that are self-forgiving. There can be some deliberate understanding of the differences among people, and a willingness to release these attitudes.

OWL’S CLOVER – Creativity

Brings out joy and appreciation of artistic expression, talent and endeavor to develop self-expression, especially through the dream state. Brings optimism to persons out of touch with, depressed about, or lacking confidence in artistic expression.


Promotes higher wisdom in general and understanding between two people. Use with physical exercise like yoga. It settles consciousness into limbs for increased flexibility.

PANSY – Intuition

It stimulates the mental body by propagating and magnifying the essence of thought forms. For those who tire easily from meditation. Combines well with Helium.

PAPAYA – Higher Self Assimilation

Increase of memory retention and assimilation of data obtained on higher planes. Eases emotional tension and sexual identity crisis.


Use when flexibility is needed in pursuit of higher goals. Negotiation skills are sharpened. All communication skills improve. Good for leaders. The plant was used in ancient Egypt for writing communications.


It is a powerful balancer for the meridians.


Major homeopathic remedy; pulsatilla. See those psychological traits, yielding, perhaps touchy and irritated easily. Androgynous issues are balanced.

PASSION FLOWER – Christ Consciousness

Creates equanimity in highly charged charismatic states. One becomes stabilized and has easier access to higher levels of consciousness without becoming nervous or jittery. Although it works mainly on the etheric level. It has a profound spiritual effect on people.

PATCHOULI – Spiritual Inspiration

Helps to integrate inspiration into one’s work and goals. Aids in moving into any new teaching.

PEACH – Universal Amplifier

Stress-related problems are alleviated. Strengthens the etheric body. Useful for those involved with athletics, chiropractic, massage, and osteopathy.


For high stress, hidden kidney-type fears, and paranoia.


Eases stress such as being self-conscious from being too tall, short, or fat. Excellent for children and basketball players. It is more for height. Signature: a very tall tree. The emotional body is balanced.

PENNYROYAL – Psychic Protection

Repels negative thoughtforms and psychic attack. Alleviates obsession. Improves telepathy and mental clarity. Cleanses quartz crystal.


Overcomes problems in a relationship by developing persistence and patience to smooth things over. Person may want to withdraw into solitude from a relation because of poor confidence and too many obstacles. Aids in removing sexual shyness and inhibitions. Heart and sex chakras open.


Cuts through someone’s false persona or mask. For person putting up a front and person experiencing that state. One can face things more realistically. Heart chakra balanced. Feelings communicated honestly. Good for teenagers and people leaving a group. There may be procrastination.


For base fears, general anxiety and improving relationships.

PERILLA – Hands-On Energy

Increases the ability in people to pour energy out of their hands. Can also serve to replenish energies for someone who is involved with healing work.


Integrates one’s personal philosophy and ideals with higher spiritual concepts. The conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds are linked. Subconscious impulses may conflict with ideals. Person may be restless with current status and be looking for a deeper meaning in life.

PERSIMMON (Female/Male) – Extremely potent aphrodisiac.

For both sexes but more for women. Use for tantra, sexual imbalances, and improving sexual sensitivity and creativity. For low self-esteem, sexual inhibitions, lack of proper sexual identity. Excellent in marriage counseling. It works best when men take the male essence and women the female essence.


Temporarily aligns all the subtle bodies creating a neutral space for easier expression of free will. Good for teenagers given more freedom. It makes one feel unattached but is not good for the immature or disoriented.


For confidence and fear of aging, especially menopause.

PINE (MONTEREY) – Psychic Capacity

Allows the penetration of wisdom into the third eye, providing a sense of clarity, oneness, and deep relaxation.

PINE DROPS (Pterospora Andromedea) – Law of Reflection

Combines well with alternatives to the use of antibiotics. Allows a clear perspective on the entire nature of difficult relationships. Helps to realize the highest aspects within any relationship. Increased understanding of the genetic structures and code for individuals.

PINEAPPLE – Major essence.

Consider using in all combinations affecting the chakras. It powerfully opens the nadis or energy centers in the chakras that also attune to meridians. Meridians are also cleansed. Take with the combination or three days after starting combination, depending on how open the chakras are. It is the most important essence on this list. Powerful opening of throat chakra, good for speakers. Signature: spokes in fruit like nadis.


Balances crown, feet, and hand chakras, which balance the general polarity, nadis, meridians, meditation, and hatha yoga processes.

PINK POWDER PUFF – Heart Awakening

Can significantly improve one’s ability to shift vibration and attune to subtler energies. This can be especially helpful in the healing process. There can be development of heart chakra energy all the way to the causal level. This flower can significantly aid when seeking to bridge to other people in a universally loving way. Can awaken the third eye center as it relates to heart energy.

PISTACHIO – Promiscuity

Especially useful for men who want monogamous relationships, with a genuine desire to curb sexual appetite.


Balances third chakra issues. May be problems with mother image and low self-esteem or a need to criticize others. Balances feminine identity in both sexes. May be difficulty assimilating information.


For stress and anxiety that may cause ulcers. Suppresses rage and grief are alleviated. Third chakra and emotional body balanced. May be problems dealing with the mother image.


It manifests inspiration and new ideas. Makes one balanced and objective with spiritual and emotional realities. It allows one to emotionally examine spiritual concepts and vise versa. May be good for people subject to emotional favor of a religious or pseudo-religious nature who tend to become imbalanced in an attempt to lose themselves in their beliefs. For low self-esteem in such people. Crown chakra is opened.

PLUMERIA – Bonding

Brings people into a deep awareness of their roots, connection to the human family, and attunement to one’s ancestors. Aids in commitment to creating new communities. Useful in group meditation across great distances, e.g., world peace meditation.


Removes false hopes to face intellectual or spiritual reality. Opens first chakras and balances all lower chakra energy preparing it to move upwards. Is excellent for beginning kundalini students. For oversexed or sexually repressed people. Use with Freudian and Reichian therapy.


For irritability and anxiety. Etheric body strengthened. Signature: plant irritates skin.


For people who wallow in depths of their emotions. Especially for sad, depressed, and mournful. Balances base chakra releasing emotions and spirituality stored therein. Strong opening and enhancing effect on kundalini affecting seven chakras along the spine and relevant etheric fluidium. It also binds nadis to the meridians.


Helps men develop a more maternal aspect. Particularly useful for women. Creates a sense of nurturing or allowing to be nurtured.


Cleans subconscious, opens third eye and may develop omnidirectional clairvoyance. This is the ability to see into all of the dimensions including the high planes. This is not typical clairvoyance.


It develops internal dialogue and intuition.

PRICKLY POPPY – Forgiveness

An increased ability to love in the face of various obstacles. Creating a love bond that can transcend time and space. It can easily allow past life recall for those seeking this consciously. Can significantly increase forgiveness for one’s past-life actions as well as others. Will also assist in seeking a deeper bridge of forgiveness to those who are creating war, famine, disease, etc.

PUMPKIN (Female/Male)

For stress of the birthing process and fear of aging. It has properties similar to squash.


Calms, soothes and relieves irritation, especially from trying too hard or spinning the wheels without support of the higher self or right brain. Soothes jangled, burned out nervous states and relieves emotional irritation from coffee, cocaine or other stimulants.


For hidden fears, anxiety especially causing paranoia. and blocks in psychic growth. Use when afraid of or do not understand psychic gifts.


Helps people work better together in a group, creates flexibility in group ego. Negotiating skills improve. Also good for people confined or working in a small place like a prison, office or hospital.

QUINOA – Major essence.

Himalayan-like energy for Westerners. Balances upper and lower chakras together. It is grounding, gets people beyond power trips, opens kundalini, and helps healers. It is an ancient South American grain.


For people who need to work in close quarters with others. It eases related tension. There may be paranoia and antisocial behavior; person does not want to communicate with people. Heart chakra is opened.


It stabilizes the subconscious and the dream state. It increases the life force, yang energy, and opens the two lower chakras.


Relaxes a person to have more balance in the emotions or intellect as is needed. The dry intellectual becomes more emotional, and the overly emotional more intellectual. There is more self-awareness.

RASPBERRY – Self-Expression Confidence

Opens throat chakra. For people who have difficulty expressing themselves. Stage fright and low self-esteem are alleviated.

RATTAIL CACTUS (Aporocactus Flagelliformis) – Cultural Bridges

Capacity to reach into multi-dimensions, across time and space and extract information including new knowledge relating to an individuals cultural heritage. Deeper attunement in bridging across many generations and into history. This may also assist in the transcendence of time and provide a deeper connection to time flows in the future.

RED GINGER – Male/Female Union

Ability to spiritualize many physical characteristics. Useful for martial arts and dance. Sexuality, tantra, and Taoist sexuality enhanced. Highest aspects of union. Opens the root chakra to spiritual energy. Deepens understanding and acceptance of the male/female balance within. Union of both (male/female) with the one(Earth).

RED MOUNTAIN HEATHER (Phyllodoce Breweri) – Divine Word

Can improve ability to perceive and work with different forms of sound including music. Greater attunement to the inner voice. Greater capacities for loving across large networks, unconsciously. An enhanced capacity to recognize oneself in all things. Deeper attunement to vibration of all types.

REDWOOD – Decision-Making

Increases the life force that enters the physical body. Assists decision-making for those who have a difficulty taking a firm stand. Combines well with Xenon.


For initiating anything, and fear of travel. It opens the brow chakra, and psychic abilities expand.


It opens the heart chakra. Develops balance between the analytical and intuitive faculties. It is native to Tibet.


Eases high stress especially affecting kidneys or skin. For hidden fears, especially concerning issues of discipline. Foe psychological conditions/habits related to discipline needs like smoking, sadomasochism.


For the overly lethargic individual.

ROSEMARY – Inner Peace

Brings out a person’s creativity. A good remedy for a philosopher. Good for negotiations. Promotes outgoingness and gracious manner. Happiness, sensitivity, and sentiment.


For lack of concentration, lethargy, and spaciness.


For moodiness of hypoglycemia. Cleanses and balances meridians.

SAGUARO – Self-Confidence

Creates clarity of thought. It balances difficulties associated with the father image, and relieves general tension that could lead to memory lapses.


Essence stimulates aromatics and promotes healing with aromatics. It is a major essential oil. For fear of heights, insomnia, depression, and stress. It also improves breathing during meditation.


For planning and executing an event, especially for preparatory stage. Good for studying projects and planning travels. use during the first year of academic studies. Good for architects. It releases stress.

SEA LETTUCE – Intracellular Communication

Can bring about a reduction of radiation, reduction of free radical damage in the body, and an attunement to higher forces of energy in meditation. There can be an improved ability of the cells to manage the drawing in and releasing of water, or inner hydration. Can also provide a deeper connection to the consciousness of humanity to a level of common shared identity with God.

SELF HEAL – Fasting Assistance

Especially when fasting for spiritual purpose. Several times a day. put this essence in mineral or distilled water you are drinking when fasting. The body gradually adjusts to a more evolved state. Eases self-doubt and confusions.


For the extremely shy and withdrawn or introverted. It eases stress. Signature: Leaves fold when touched.


Especially helpful for those who are extremely shy and withdrawn. Eases stress.

SHASTA LILY – Revelation

Helps attune people to Mt. Shasta and its magic. Significantly speeds up etheric bodies in people. One can better understand and utilize energies available in different power spots such as Joshua Tree and Sedona. These energies can provide revelation from many Masters. Promotes a greater awareness in people of their role in serving to heal the Earth.

SHOOTING STAR – Astrological Awareness

Excellent to take if you are studying astrology. Also helpful in study of astronomy. Heightens consciousness and the body’s frequencies to become more sensitive to the celestial positions and movement of different planets.

SHRIMP PLANT – Nature’s Cycles

This can allow an attunement between the shared lunar aspects between many animals and people. This can be useful for working with lunar cycles for girls coming into menstruation in the early teenage years or that of a menopause in the later years. There can be a greater understanding of the tide-like qualities within all fluid systems in the body. This elixir can provide a direct connection to the angelic realms. There can be a greater awareness to the angelic component in many sea creatures, particularly whales and dolphins.


It promotes a transcendental perspective, inspiration and self-integration. Use for extreme emotional imbalance such as schizophrenia.

SILVERSWORD – Spiritual awakening

Opens crown chakra and five key chakras above crown. It powerfully opens the heart chakra, easing any related problems in this area. It aligns all subtle bodies for 90 days. So far only lotus has been found to do this. It is valuable in psychosis.

SKULLCAP – Massage / Psychic Healing

For massage practitioners, psychic healers and their clients. Creates a deeper bond between healer and client. Merges the emotions and spiritual forces. Activates the crown chakra.


Assists in the expression of feelings and suppressed emotions. Can improve logic. Appropriate communication.


Develops higher psychic gifts. Psychism may be used with egoism, selfishness, superiority, obnoxious, and emotional behavior. There may be emotional instability, low self-esteem, and over-inquisitiveness.


Keeps a person from getting emotionally depleted in stressful situations. Aids in meditation and activates natural pyramid shapes in esoteric anatomy-clue to value of lotus position. Seals in nutrients during drying of food. Spiritual and emotional bodies aligned, mental body calmed.

SOURGRASS – Softening

It can increase the movement of substances in and out of the subtle bodies, especially the aetheric body. This can allow the physical body greater ease and movement, which may produce calm and peace on many levels. A great adjunct to physical therapies to cleanse and clear various stony or hard formations from the body. Use with massage or aromatherapy.

SPIDER LILY (RED) – Energy Transfer

Increases the ability of nadis to reach into other dimensional areas. This is especially helpful for the nadis in the base of the spine and their ability to transform and transfer energy from interdimensional regions. Especially from the aetheric body. Individuals seeking greater strength in the physical body in the digestive organs, sexual reproductive organs, kidneys, and the skin in this area of the body can benefit from Red Spider Lily. There is also an improved ability to open and close the chakras at will, taking on what’s useful and rejecting what is not beneficial.


Better discrimination of good and evil, of one’s personal philosophy, personal growth, decision making. One is less fooled by spiritual deceivers and any falseness. One becomes more open to spiritual light.

SQUASH (ZUCCHINI) – Fertility / Longevity

Slows aging process. Clarifies sexual identity. Increases sensitivity in men. Helps to release frustration and anger especially with use of meditation.


Gives birth to and promotes higher spiritual, not philosophical, principles. For example, use when studying God, karma, and religious beliefs.

ST. JOHN’S WORT – Psychotherapy

Assists in the release of any hidden or obvious fear or paranoia, including fears from past-life experiences. Visionary states.

STAR THISTLE – YELLOW (Centaurea Solstitialis) – Spiritual Awakening

Assists individuals in radiating energy. This is obviously useful for health practitioners in working on their clients. This affords the client and practitioner a higher spiritual awakening. Energies of the 9th and 10th chakras are activated (especially with the visualization of gold and silver colors).

STARFLOWER (Trientalis Latifolia) – Crop Circles

Assists those working with others to better understand the truth even when it is blocked in their consciousness. Might enhance greater understanding and attunement to crop circles around the world. Greater stimulation of the brow chakra.

STEPHANOTIS – Dimensional Transfer

This can be helpful in allowing transference between dimensions. It is also useful for greater awareness of subtle dimensions. There is a greater skin sensitivity, so one’s ability to work with and absorb sunlight energy is improved. There can be an improved ability to channel higher dimensional energy through art, writing poetry or music. Combines nicely with Vega.


Activates psychospiritual dynamics stored in the heart chakra. Stimulates visions. eases mental rigidity. It can be for basically healthy people who need a quickening of their mental insights.


For sharp mood swings, lethargy, and general depression.

SULCOREBUTIA CACTUS (S. Arenacea) – Vortex Movement

May create a vortex of energy within an individual, thus increasing one’s focus and alignment with individualized capacities, those associated with their soul, the center of the universe, with God-purpose or Earthly manifestation. Helps to remove obstacles from one’s path. May prove useful for individuals, who respond poorly to certain holistic treatment, to shift.

SWAMP ONION (Allium Validum) – Cleansing

Here there can be a powerful cleansing usually beginning in the top of the body and working its way down and out of the body. A cleansing from head to toe. Can create the awareness of the higher energies associated with such cleansing, almost an awareness of a powerful God-energy, loving and pouring through the person. Especially useful for the cleansing of the subtle bodies of such things as psychic debris and other stuff that have accumulated that stand in the way of greater evolution.


For those interested in understanding certain aspects of Christ-consciousness as it affects earthly life. Can create a stronger resonance between people and members of their soul group.


Develops ability to compromise, more than negotiating skills. Introverts learn to communicate. It restores clarity to the conscious mind when there is too much information from the subconscious or the higher self. May be an inability to socialize and a strong ego.

SYCAMORE – Discipline

Eases stress and overcomes problems concerning discipline, either because one is too disciplined or not disciplined enough. Gives one a handle on life, so one knows when to let go.

TANSY – Insight/Understanding

Can repel negative thought forms and at the same time attune individuals to the purpose behind them. Eliminates or changes the effect of psychic attack.


For overcoming mental lethargy, stagnation. Creativity is enhanced.


Opens heart chakra and meridians. Use with acupuncture.

TIARE – Lemurian Attunement

This is an important flower for attunement to the energies of Lemuria. There will be a natural attunement to Earth and, in a way, a vocal communication can be utilized. This is also very valuable for deep relaxation. This is the national flower of Tahiti.


Opens brow chakra, hara, yang energy, meridians. Removes fear.


Major cleanser of blocks in meridians. Can improve effectiveness of acupuncture and acupressure by thirty percent. Creates emotional calm in dying state.


It develops patience, opens base chakra and yang energy.


Signature: wood is heaviest on planet. Thus it greatly eases depression and overcomes effects of gravity. Overcomes gravity is a key to entering spiritual realms. It is also for lower chakra character imbalances such as issues of power and use of one’s energy.

TREE OPUNTIA (O. Consolea Falcata) – Evolutionary Process

Can assist in the maintaining of a willingness to change even when one has grown quite comfortable at certain levels of existence. This cactus has certain properties to remind people to shift and to offer the physical energy for rapid change that is quite necessary at the present time.


A wonderful help in easing emotional craving and psychological withdrawl from tobacco and marijuana use.


Strong strengthener for entire meridian system. Strengthens electromagnetic field through which vibrational remedies work. May be difficult in dream state or nervous habits such as tics or twitching. Can be used to stop smoking when it is associated with emotionalism.


It overcomes conservatism, stagnant thoughts, breaks up prejudices, and promotes progressiveness.


For overcoming insomnia and great stress.


Stimulates clairaudience or psychic hearing. Aligns consciousness to eat foot based on body’s need, not from emotional problems.


Explosive energy, transformation, transition

WAKE ROBBIN – Charisma

Strengthens the throat chakra, bringing greater vibrancy to one’s voice and improving communication. The ability to make intuitive decisions is enhanced.

WAKIKI RAINBOW CACTUS (Epiphyllum) – Self Worth

Allows someone to see their own self-expression act as a deeper connection to others. Can combine with apophyllite to create joy and a sense of confidence and connection to higher wisdom.


Develops sense of individuality. Stimulates joy and optimism. There may be lethargy. Universal enhancer. Good in many combinations, aids in all subtle bodies, is a good tonic. Put several drops anywhere on body to enhance test point for any other vibrational preparations.

WASHINGTON LILY (Lilium Washingtonianum) – Spiritual Perseverance

Can increase one’s underlying ability to love unconsciously and universally. Can also be used by those approaching difficult spiritual change in the life. Can create a deeper understanding and acceptance of spirituality as it is expressed in many different forms within the universe. The aetheric, astral and buddhic bodies are all strengthened.

WATERMELON – Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy

balances emotional body during pregnancy, so there is less emotional stress. This is vitally important in the creation of the etheric body of the fetus. Universal applicable in all psychological and emotional aspects of the birthing process.


It has properties very similar to barley.


For high self attunement. It cleanses past life negativity from the aura. It stimulates data from higher self and aura cleansing through dreams. May be many symbolic dreams but no negative ones. It opens crown chakra, and astral, spiritual, and soul bodies are enhanced.

WITCH HAZEL – Major essence.

It aligns etheric and spiritual bodies, which is what happens during spiritual or energy healing. It is a key essence for faith healers and energy healers like acupuncture, acupressure, conscious psychotherapy, and creative visualization. Use when leaving a religious group.

WITCH HAZEL – Spiritual Healing

Aligns etheric and spiritual body. Use in all spiritual or energy healing and when leaving a religious group.

WOOLY SUNFLOWER (Eriophyllum Lanatum) – Solar

For those working with the energy of the sun, there will be benefit. Represents some of the more gentle, subtle, female-related aspects of the solar principle. Combines well with Helios elixir. Strengthens the 3rd chakra.

YARROW- Protection

Offers protection from negative influences and thoughts. Enhances the aura and balances the upper and lower poles of the body. Useful for people working with emotional disturbed individuals.


Opens chakras in feet, attuning one’s ethereal fluidium to the Earth’s magnetic forces. Use with reflexology.


Adjusts one to Earth’s energy when moving to a new area, especially on spiritual levels. Also good for jet lag and geomancy-attunement to Earth’s natural forces. It is a prominent essential oil. It eases stress, especially sexually related. Calms emotions, notably anger, frustration, depression, tension, and insomnia.


It transforms anger or frustration into spiritual energy. One is integrated into the social norms. Use with methods transforming baser energy into spirituality. It is very valuable if you visit or move to a stranger culture, e.g., the Westerner in China. Use with conscious ecology and architecture. For suppressed sexual energy. Use in therapy, such as with rapists. There may be fear to leave one’s home. It is very good for children.

ZINNIA – Laughter

Teaches that laughter is a superior form of medicine. Uplifts a person’s outlook on life. Aligns the etheric and emotional bodies. General tensions are alleviated.